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The presence of transparent materials in electronic devices such as computers or mobile phones is also overwhelming, through which we “inhabit” in spaces and at the same time we may not be anywhere. It calls my attention, when the screen of these devices is inactive, that it works like a rearview mirror. It reflects the image of my face and everything that surrounds me, dyeing us with a dark tone and imprecise contours. When activated, it converts into a light source. And if I turn on its front camera, me and the context are mirrored in a clear, high definition image. It becomes a surveillance device that allows me to either spy or be spied on. 

                Thus, on one side or the other of this surface, we all slide on the same transparency (an expression highly prized by state and marketing policies) that gives us servers/robots that collect data from our blood type to our geolocation. We are images inhabiting servers. We are kidnapped from our status as citizens and “gifted” with the status of consumers. Would we be redeemed?

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